Sustainable SolarPower Summit 2023

Sustainability is at the heart of everything SolarPower Europe does.

Every year, we strive to take our sustainability efforts at SolarPower Summit to the next level.

Sustainable actions

Plastic-free event

The event will be entirely plastic free, and the use of paper will be considerably reduced.


Participants are encouraged to use public transport to access the event as the venue is very centrally located and easily accessible by train, metro and bus.

Food waste

Participants are asked to inform us of any cancellations in advance to reduce food waste. Leftovers will be donated to a local charity organisation supporting homeless people.

vegetarian catering

The food served at the event is vegetarian and locally sourced.

Energy consumption

The entire property is equipped with LED lighting

A sustainable venue

Radisson Collection Hotel, Grand Place Brussels

Energy efficiency

Radisson Hotel Group reduces its overall energy consumption significantly by investing in energy-saving technologies and tools, developing environment-friendly building designs, collaborating with owners and investors to invest in sustainability measures and engaging and educating employees.

Responsible sourcing

Partnerships with like-minded suppliers committed to doing business responsibly, providing integrated projects and solutions for their hotels. Reduce, Reuse, Replace, Recycle

Work with suppliers to reduce waste and increase recycling with focus on food waste management and the elimination of single-use plastics wherever possible.

Carbon neutral meetings

Offsetting the carbon footprint of every single meeting and event.

Partnership with First Climate, one of the world’s largest carbon offset organizations, All selected projects are Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard certified.

Water stewardship

Water stewardship efforts include limiting water use through technology improvements in its rooms and operations, using rainwater and grey water wherever possible.

Carbon reduction

Increased use of renewable energy sourcesby partnering with innovative companies providing clean energy solutions.


Partnerships with global ecolabels, recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, such as Green Key and EarthCheck, which audit hotel performance.

SolarPower Summit 2023: Get ready for solar

Tackling the Energy Crisis

08-09 March 2023

Radisson Collection Hotel, Grand Place Brussels

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