N° 1 association city

Brussels is the natural home for international associations. With its highly-skilled multilingual workforce and depth of support services, Brussels is the best spot for building membership and getting up close to European decision-makers. With 2,250 headquarters, Brussels is home to more international associations than any other city.

Corridors of power

You can’t get any nearer to Europe’s policy makers than Brussels. The city hosts all the major EU institutions and is home to a huge diplomatic corps, journalist community and lobby group. But Brussels is also about business: 1,700 international corporations operate Europe-wide from their base here, spawning a diverse business services sector.

Strategic location                                                   

Brussels is easy to reach by air, road and rail, but also easy to move around in. In this compact city, many places are within walking distance, or a short ride away by tram, bus or metro. And if you’re staying near the city centre, walking is a wonderful way to discover historical Brussels.

Dynamic ICT sector

In Brussels you can tap into a diverse and sophisticated ICT sector. Thanks to close collaboration between academia, R&D and businesses, with proactive support from regional authorities, the ICT sector is growing fast and earning Brussels worldwide recognition for its capacity to innovate. 

Greener and cleaner

Brussels has made great progress towards becoming a more eco-friendly destination and was recently voted No. 1 sustainable city in Europe for environmental policy.

World city

You will feel at home in Brussels. It is a cosmopolitan city (183 nationalities live here) and a magnetic centre for economic migration. 


Admired for its Art Nouveau and today also for its fashion and textile design, Brussels is emerging as an exciting contemporary creative hub. The local film industry is booming, museums and art galleries flourish, and 18,000 cultural events take place every year.

Art de vivre

Visitors appreciate the quality of life in Brussels, not least the great food. You can choose from 2,000 restaurants and enjoy top quality on-site catering. The city has also preserved its local culture, so you’ll find street life, traditional markets and folklore, all in a colourful ambience full of good humour. Enjoy!