Marie Bartle

Sales Engineer, Qos Energy

Marie Bartle has been part of the Solar Industry for more than 10 years. Hailing from a mining valley in Wales, prior to a career in the Solar Industry she completed both a Masters in Physics from Sussex University (England, UK) and a Masters in Energy Engineering from Cardiff University (Wales, UK). Currently working as Pre-sales Engineer – PV and ESS specialist, at QOS Energy, Marie has 3 years’ experience in an international EPC company as Technical Advisor and 2 ½ years in a UK based PV development company as Design Engineer.


Qantum, QOS Energy’s product, is a hardware-agnostic cloud-based monitoring system that can bring all plants of a renewable energy portfolio into one homogeneous platform. As part of the QOS Energy team, Marie is responsible for aiding in the choice and set-up of Data Acquisition and SCADA systems of her clients as well as defining operating parameters of their plants. Her extensive experience in design and operation of the PV plants means that informed choices can be made for the best interests of the plant in question for the client.

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