Claire Roumet

Executive Director, Energy Cities

Claire Roumet is Director of Energy Cities, the European association of local authorities in energy transition. Energy Cities initiated a process aimed at making and debating proposals for accelerating the energy transition of European cities, and has examples of its pioneer 1000 members located in 30 countries. Previously she worked as secretary general of Housing Europe, a federation of social, public and cooperative housing providers. She was also vice-president of the Social Platform of the EU coalition for energy savings. She graduated in economics and completed a postgraduate course in European policies in Strasbourg after a year spent studying econometrics in Mainz.

My Sessions

7 Solar solutions to deliver an ambitious, secure, and inclusive European Green Deal

Area 1

This session aims to showcase the benefits of solar to deliver the Green Deal. Solar energy, as the power generation source with the highest level of public support and the most affordable, most job intensive and pioneering several new business models such as Agri-PV and solar mobility is best placed to deliver a Green Deal […]

Solar economy