Astrid Schneider

Expert on BIPV and Solar Architecture, Berlin / Vienna

Astrid Schneider is an expert on Building Integrated Photovoltaics and Solar Architecture.

In this function she worked the last three years in the Center for Energy at the AIT Austrian Institute for Technology in Vienna, where she co-authored the price winning ‘Photovoltaic Roadmap for Austria’. She is member of the International Energy IEA PVPS-Task 15 for BIPV, working on standardization challenges of BIPV and is consulting the Moroccan IRESEN-Institute on a ‘Green Smart Building Park’ on behalf of GIZ.

She received her architect’s diploma in 1993 at the University of arts in Berlin and is author of book and film ‚Solararchitecture for Europe‘, which was published in 1996 at Birkhäuser Verlag.

Since 1996 she is specialized in research, design and architectural application of solar modules, (BIMODE and PVACCEPT). She invented and patented the ‘’Solar Window Shutter’.

Since 2003 she started her own firm ‘Solar Architecture’ in Berlin.

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