Soltec, key player in the solar energy industry

Soltec PV plant in Spain

Photovoltaic energy will be a crucial element of energy transition. According to the Global PV tracker report 2020 by Wood Mackenzie, tracker business market share is going to grow from its existing 20% to about 45% in 2025.

Within this context, some pioneering companies known for their vision of and commitment to solar energy are paramount to the development of this industry. Soltec Power Holdings, leading international firm in the manufacture and supply of solar trackers, plans to promote this industry through innovation, research and social commitment. This company, based in Murcia (Spain), has actively developed photovoltaic technology since 2004 and currently operates in 16 countries, with its main markets being Spain, North America and Latin America.


The company supplies the latest technology available on the marketplace based on the experience of its professional, talented and innovative team, comprised of over 100 engineers worldwide and which has over 35 international patents and offers clients optimized customer service. Soltec supplied 9.2% of all solar trackers marketed worldwide in 2019, a 1.3% increase compared to the previous year, according to IHS Markit. In the international arena, Soltec has a track-record of over 8.4 GW in projects throughout the world.

In addition to the Spanish market, it is worth mentioning that Latin America is a world region where Soltec’s presence and business prospects are more significant, with a market share of 31%. This solar energy company is a market leader in countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Chile, where projects of up to 300 or 400 MW are being developed. In addition, it also operates in countries such as Australia, China, India and the United States, amongst other.

One of the characteristics making Soltec a leading company within the industry is its commitment to innovation and development of new technologies which strengthen the solar tracker market. With that aim, Soltec inaugurated in 2018 BiTEC, the first Bifacial Tracking Evaluation Center worldwide in Livermore, California (USA). Soltec continues to be a sectoral driver with the launch of the SF8 multidrive tracker, which revolutionized the solar tracking market in 2020. Furthermore, its bifacial configuration can generate up to 8.6% more energy than the remaining solar trackers. This tracker of elegant design and reinforced structure (22% more robust than the SF7) facilitates installation and favors high performance on any terrain.

Soltec recently entered the distributed generation segment with its product Solarfighter, which is the first complete kit comprised of product and comprehensive service to ensure successful commissioning of distributed generation projects of photovoltaic tracking of up to 12MW. Following its innovative spirit, the company is also promoting work lines which include green hydrogen and storage, amongst other. Convinced of the relevance of solar energy self-consumption for hydrogen generation, Soltec became a founding member of AHMUR (Murcia Region Green Hydrogen Association) and has already undertaken some projects in this field.

In addition to its solar tracker supply business, Soltec went further in its development and internationalization strategy with the establishment in 2018 of Powertis, name of its worldwide photovoltaic project development and investment platform. In late 2020, Powertis had a 5GW pipeline, number which in the first few months of 2021 increased to an additional 10GW and 1GW forecasted for rotation in 2021.

Soltec Power Holdings, company known for its commitment to sustainability, created in 2020 a sustainability commission which reports to the Board of Administration, in addition to fostering a Master ESG Plan supported by environment, society, talent, good governance and innovation.