Q&A with Elsa Ferreira, CEO Iberia of Amarenco

What are you most looking forward to at the SolarPower Summit 2021?

Solar4 Ambitions, solar4global change and solar4agriculture , being the later a keen topic to Amarenco and also for the growing and needed importance of it.

Why would you recommend the event?

Usually Solar Power Summit brings us every time very interesting up to date thematic and the wish to attend the event it’s always a “yes”. The past year and so far 2021 are atypical years that we are leaving and this year agenda tackles very important points which will certainly lead to very rich content discussions and a significant audience

What are some of the reasons behind the rapid solar growth we have observed in the last few years?

Well, we cannot fail to mention the price/costs decline combined also with the implementation of strong policies around climate change providing a favorable environment for the fast growth.

Which segment of the solar sector do you see as having the most potential in the near future?

I believe that we will continue to see the utility scale sector growing but the non-residential (whether industrial or not) will certainly grow with a significant share.

Finally, how can solar drive sustainable change in Europe?

In the last years the policies are becoming stronger and more incisive, now with the Green Deals and also evolving for a decentralized and more digitalized system we can assume that solar will have an important contribution for a more sustainable Europe