Viola Hoffmann

Managing Director, Ucair

Viola Hoffmann is Managing Director of ucair GmbH, which envisions a world  where not a single sun ray is wasted because of unmaintained solar cells. ucair utilizes the most recent developments in drones and artificial intelligence to make the inspection of photovoltaic plants easier, faster and more transparent for owners and operators. The ucair service goes beyond inspection, though, as it post-processes and analyzes the data gathered by drone pilots. Utilizing a convolutional neural network, ucair has developed a way to analyze lots of data in a very short time while not only adhering to standards in thermographic PV analysis, but also shaping them.

Viola joined ucair in 2017 and soon started playing a central role in the organization which led to her becoming Managing Director of ucair in October 2018. Prior to ucair Viola worked as an innovation consultant with focus in Design Thinking and Lean Startup, co-founded and led a startup as well as mentored numerous founding projects.

Viola holds a Master’s degree in International Business & Politics from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and has studied and worked in Maastricht, Netherlands and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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