Paolo Vincenzo Chiantore

Managing Director, BayWa r.e. Operation Services s.r.l.

Born in the U.S.A. in 1962 and married with four daughters, Paolo is a mechanical engineer who graduated from Sapienza University of Rome.

Paolo began his career in 1987 as junior engineer of large industrial plants before moving to API, an Italian privately-owned energy group, where he started working on renewable energy’s from 1996 by developing wind farms. Ten years after, he also worked outility-scale solar parks.

In 2010, Paolo became partner and general manager at Kenergia
 – a small engineering firm based in Rome which specialized in solar energy. At the same time, he was also named General Manager of WiseEnergy, today one of the leading Asset Management companies in Europe.

Since 2012, as part of Kenergia group, Paolo started to develop independent Operation & Maintenance services for solar farms through Kenergia Sviluppo, a company that rapidly became one of the leading provider of this services in Italy. In 2016, Kenergia Sviluppo was acquired by BayWa r.e. Italia, a company of the German BayWa r.e. group. 

Today Paolo is Managing Director of the Italian service company of  BayWa r.e., with activities on more than 500MW of solar parks in Italy.

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